TS1 is a creative concept project, founded by Ivan Pun in Yangon, Myanmar in 2013. Started as pop-up space for contemporary arts in a transitioning city, it has now widened its scope to include more than physical space for artistic expression. TS1 is now a fundraiser for the arts, with aim to encourage the art scene in cities throughout Myanmar and enable international exchanges with artists, curators and institutions. TS1’s platform also encourages the diversity of mediums, acting as an advisory body for the development of contemporary art in Myanmar – a cultural catalyst for future generations of creative thinkers. In a country where there are no public art institutions, TS1 hopes to engage the public through the arts by collaborating with the numerous independent organizations throughout the country and the region.

Since 2013, TS1 collaborated with over 25 collectives, institutions, artists and organizations in order to enrich and encourage the art scene in Yangon. These include: JAMIT! an independent music, Myanmar-run organization; Contemporary Dialogues, events for artistic scholarship; Mobile Library Myanmar in cooperation with Asia Art Archive (AAA) and the Foundation for the Arts Initiative (FFAI); Beyond Pressure performance art festival and its founder Moe Satt; Goethe Institut Myanmar; Inya Art Gallery, Yangon’s oldest contemporary art gallery; NNCL Studio, a video art and filmmaking studio in Myanmar; Dhaka Art Summit in Bangladesh; New Urban Topologies, a conference on art and architecture in developing cities, in cooperation with Fargfabriken (Stockholm); My Yangon My Home Art and Heritage Festival in collaboration with the British Embassy in Yangon; Yangon Photo Festival in cooperation with the French Institute; Pansodan Art Gallery and Archive; and the list continues.

Funding for TS1 projects are made possible by the generous support of its patrons, fundraising and grant applications from varied institutions, and the efforts of the artistic communities of Myanmar.


Curated by Cosmin Costinas, A beast, a god, and a line considers Bengal’s position at the core of different geographical networks, reflecting the circulation of people and ideas in different historical times. From the shifting maritime geographies of the Austronesian world to the histories of globalisation beginning in the early 16th century, the exhibition unfolds in several chapters, positioning the material histories of textiles as a central thread that carries the trace of these exchanges. This exhibition is co-produced by DAS, Para Site, Hong Kong and the Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw and will also tour to TS1 Yangon in 2018.

Featuring work by the following Artists:

Ampannee Satoh | Anand Patwardhan | Anida Yoeu Ali | Apichatpong Weerasethakul | Simon Soon (with RJ Camacho and Celestine Fadul)

Chai Siris | Charles Lim Yi Yong | Cian Dayrit | Dilara Begum Jolly | Daniel Boyd | Etan Pavavalung | Garima Gupta | Idas Losin | Ines Doujak | Nabil Ahmed | Jakrawal Nilthamrong Jrai Dew Collective (curated by art labor) | Jimmy Ong | Jiun-Yang Li | Joël Andrianomearisoa | Joydeb Roaja | Lantian Xie | Lavanya Mani | Malala Andrialavidrazana | Manish Nai Ming Wong | Moelyono | Mrinalini Mukherjee | Munem Wasif | Nguyen Trinh Thi | Nontawat Numbenchapol | Norberto Roldan | Paul Pfeiffer | Praneet Soi | Raja Umbu

Rashid Choudhury | Sarat Mala Chakma | Sawangwongse Yawnghwe | Sheela Gowda | Sheelasha Rajbhandari | Simryn Gill | Su Yu Hsien | Taloi Havini Than Sok | Thao-Nguyen Phan | Trevor Yeung

Truong Công Tùng | Tuguldur Yondonjamts | Zamthingla Rivah

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